Molly the Unicorn and the Hare

My new book is now available! It’s called Molly the Unicorn and the Hare! The RRP for the book is £9.50 and the first 500 will be numbered and signed as A5 paperbacks!

Molly the Unicorn & the Hare is my debut children’s book, a fantasy adventure which will have an appeal to children from 7/8 years old and upwards.  The story concerns, a telepathic unicorn called Raghnall a hare called Celeste two ten year old girls called Molly and Chloe and a very strange dream.  A dream which seems to transport her into an Otherworld filled with fantastic mythological creatures from the past and present. The book is 52 pages long with 11 full colour illustrations by the author.

This is the first book about Molly’s adventures in the Otherworld and the struggle to defeat the Great Darkness.

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